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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

  • This is my second day on this blog.
    So what's happening on Internet? Too many to list right now. But I will try my best to do as much as I can in the coming days/weeks/months or even years.

    Here is some of the recent ones..
  • Wikipedia (online encyclopedia) is tightening its rules for those who is going to submit.
  • .Asia is now approved as web domain. How about "xxx" as web domain?
  • Web content can not remain free. Recently European publishers were complaining about it..Especially targeting The head of the EU Publishers Council attacked google, saying that google is making money by collecting content from other parties. But at the same time there are many users of google's service who would want the way google is carrying out its program.Lets see how far it goes...
  • Another one --involving google. Both Google and Microsoft is trying hard to get a partnership deal with AOL in terms of Internet advertising. According to some analysts, AOLpartnership would bring around 2% -4% of Google revenue. Read here for more
  • Kazaa, popular file-sharing company has been accused by Some Australian record companies, saying that Kaaza is "ignoring a court order to install filters aimed at curbing music piracy by Kazaa users".
  • Now both Mac and Linux users will be able to get hold of music online. Thanks to Real Networks who launched a web-version of online music subscription service.
  • Bill Gates will be visiting silicon valley outside of USA...i.e India.

Thats all for now...Will Add more tomorrow..


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