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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Don't worry Be Happy..You have one another Search Engine to Use

Have you heard of ""? Well, its another search engine that was launched in 2004. Their logo looks similar to not exactly but both of have two Os.
According to its website, word Accoona is derived from the Swahili phrase "Hakuna Matata," which means "Don't worry be happy."

Privately held said that it "uses a heavy dose of artificial intelligence to find results that Google and other search sites may miss."

Unlike Google and Yahoo, Accoona is based in Jersey City. According to New York Times, the site started in China "as a partnership between the China Daily Information Company, the official English-language news site of the Chinese government, and China Communications Corporation, a search technology company."

They were trying to take advantage of the upcoming Olympics in China making e-commerce between China and USA easy which led to the creation of a search engine.

I also tested the site, and I m pretty impressed with the result I got. The site also says that it returns only relevant searches even if the the search word do not appear in the result (but the result will be relevant). SO I guess that means it will not produce millions of search results including bogus ones.

Another feature is that it links advertisers with its potential customers. For instance if you search for an electrician then it will also give you an option to be contacted by electricians. You will need to provide your contact information if you are interested in the service so that the highest bidder will contact you. Sounds like service auction. Must be tough for smaller guys the money will be limited to bid. So will the big guys (those who spend most) always win?

Still too early to tell how this each engine will compete with Google or Yahoo. Wait!!! Yahoo also has some stake (investment) on!!!

So, "Don't worry be happy" you have one more search engine to use.


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