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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Its Google Checkout not GBUY

So its not GBUY that most of us heard in the past. Its called Google Checkout which was planned to be released on June 29th, 2006. Unlike many of it's (Google's) services which used to be launched as Beta version; Google Checkout will be launched with its final version.

It was also speculated that Google was trying to compete with and Paypal, but that's not true according to the Gartner analyst Weiner. As a matter of fact, Google Checkout will offer more than Paypal. Google is also taking advantage of its advertising platform. Google has even considered including Paypal as a payment option, which I think can be a good move, since Paypal has more users and Google can take advantage by reaching even wider audience with its advertising scheme.

I guess we will know more when it will finally shows up. Do you think this will be a big hit for Google unlike their news service?


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