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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Adidas VS Nike, Yahoo VS Google

Would you compare the rivalry between Adidas and Nike with Google and Yahoo? I m trying to explain about the rivalry between Adidas and Nike over the world cup soccer. No doubt that Nike is the number one shoemaker in the world, but its Adidas that has the exclusive rights to advertise during World cup Soccer 2006. How did they get that deal? is it because Adidas is from Germany...Anyways..

Adidas has been pouring in millions of dollars into soccer, which is the number one sport in the world. More people around the globe watches World Cup soccer than Olympics, and Superbowl. Adidas has even rights to advertise in all the TV ads in US for all the 64 matches. They even lead in Japan over Nike specially when Adidas sponsored the Japanese National team for World Cup 2002.

However, Nike took a different approach, i.e. a virtual approach. Nike along with Google started a soccer community online called Its a community like except that Joga serves as a platform for all the soccer fans where one soccer player can meet other soccer players and share their experiences including pictures and videos. Nike even has an online ad featuring Ronaldhino, a Brazilian player who is considered to be the best in the world. Nike says that the ad has been downloaded over 30 million times. Ronaldhino is amazing in this ad where he tries on the golden soccer/football shoes and shows his magic with the ball. Nike became serious about the soccer since 1994 and they have spent almost 1.5 billion dollars.

Adidas has even secured to be the exclusive sneaker sponsor for 2008 summer Olympics that is going to be held in China. That is a big step entering a huge market. Nike of the other side sponsored the Indian cricket team with around $44 million. Adidas has been gaining markets in other sports besides soccer. Adidas is not that behind when it comes to the overall share outside of US. Adidas has 28% whereas Nike has 31%.

Adidas is supporting for Germany and guess who has the support


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