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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Another Online

Have you heard of a travel site called ? Its a pretty neat site that helps you find good deals on your travel.

Well, there is another buddy online, and it has to do with travel. It is called helps you find cheap gas in your area(USA/CANADA). There are at least 173 other local sites that is operated by, which shows the listings of various Gas station with prices. You can search gas stations to find such price. Registered members submit the prices that they see at gas stations. also displays the followings :-
  • 10 lowest by state
  • 10 lowest by city
  • Regular Average Price of Gasoline in US and Canada
  • Most Active user (who submit the price the most)

Price is taken out every 48 hours. Its a pretty cool site. Check it out to know more.


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