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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Who was selling Canadian Military Items on Ebay?

I have to tell you that Internet/Online can be crazy at times. I m sure you have noticed that too.

You have heard about under wears being sold on EBay. I mean used under wears. Have you heard a town being auctioned at EBay? I don't want to continue with the list..You get the idea.

This morning I read about Canadian military uniform and equipment being put up for sale at It has however taken off from EBay now. Canadian military is investigating the incident.

So who is putting on EBay? How did he/she get the item (unless the military personnel themselves putting the items on sale)? Don't EBay monitor such stuff?

May be luggage got lost in the airport and whoever later found it thought that by putting on EBay would make him some money..Who knows?

Canadian uniform is unique. George MacLean, an international security analyst said "Canadian military uniforms would be highly coveted because of their pixilated pattern, which makes them difficult to see even with night vision equipment."
I hope they work harder to prevent such incidence to occur in the future. According to the report, this is not the first time since this happened.

How about EBay? Don't they monitor such stuff? I guess they care less since they are overwhelmed with millions/billions of transactions that take place every day. They should have one big security department that monitors suspicious items being put for sale.


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