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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Gwen Stefani-Digital Song of The Year

Did you guys watch Billboard's Music Award last night?
I did...
Like any other award shows..Billboard Music Award also had several categories. But one category was kind of interesting...and shows how powerful the internet is, and ow it can have an impact on entertainment field as well..

Can you guess which category I m talking about?
Well its "Digital Song of The Year" category. It's a new category, and Gwen Stefani (vocalist of "No Doubt"--I m not sure whether she is still with them) secured the award in that category for the song Hollaback Girl."

So what does this "Digital Song of the year" mean? It means the number of times the song is downloaded (paid download) online. "Hollaback Girl" was downloaded more than million times, and of course it was a paid download.

This is an example of how internet has an impact even on entertainment and led Billboard to come up with a new category.

You can see the list of all winners by clicking here.
Will write more...


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