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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Is Google Sticking up to their Motto "Don't be EVil?"

I guess by now most of you might have heard of Google censoring its site in China. Not long ago Google was in the news for not being cooperative with US federal Government. You can read about that in my previous post.

Due to the request of Chinese government, Google launched its censored version of search engine in China on Jan 25th. Content sensitive to Chinese government will not be found on Even the Tibetan related information was excluded.

It’s an irony that just few days ago, Google refused to hand in the report of all the searches to the US government, while cooperating with Chinese government. Even other search giants like Yahoo, and MSN went ahead with the Chinese Government.

I think Google cooperated with Chinese government not just because of ethical reason, but for economic purpose. By not complying with the Chinese government can harm Google, especially when its competitors Yahoo, and MSN had agreed to go with the request of Chinese government. There is huge potential for business, and to make money in China. China is second to US in number of internet users.

Many activists and internet users are wondering about Google's motto "Don't be Evil." So is Google ignoring their motto just to make some money?

Google will not offer its email services, or blogs in China, but will offer news, and searches.

So do you think China can control Internet?


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