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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Google Buying Radio Ad Company

What started as a search engine, Google now goes beyond searching.
Its getting hard not to see giants like Google and Yahoo in the news.
Seems like they are all in a race to expand their business.

Sort of like USSR and USA back in the cold war era, competing with each other.
Google now is eying on a radio ad company trying to extend its advertising empire.
The name of that radio ad company is "dMarc" who will be receiving around $102M in cash upfront, and will receive rest of the payment over the three year period, based on the performance. The whole deal will be worth over a billion dollar.
This will be an additional plus point for Google in reaching even a wider audience, since Google will be associating its popular "Google Adword" program.

"dMarc" lets advertisers control their ads, by allowing them to schedule and present their ads, and best of all it allows them to keep track of their ads when they air.

What's next? Well, Google is still trying to invest in AOL. So lets see what happens.


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