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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Some Internet News

Here are some of the interesting news on internet..
  • Gmail is on the roll..Recently they had launched "virus scanning", and now they introduced RSS Feed .
  • There has been an increase in online shopping. More and more people are spending online these days. Most of the online shoppers are also using comparison shopping sites (sites such as ,, yahoo shopping)as their shopping guide/tool.
  • Yahoo is going to offer "cheap PC- to- phone calls". Well what made them do this? Is it because of skype (eBay acquired them)? I guess so..Check out some rates.
  • Sony Communication Network is going public, and its IPO price is valued at $286.4 million.
  • New Website has been launched by AOL, that focuses on latest Entertainment news.

That's it for now...I will be back tomorrow talking about Comparison Shopping sites in details..



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