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Thursday, December 08, 2005

.EU Domain Names

Web domain ".asia" was available not long ago.
Now its .eu. Internet domain name ".eu" is now open for registration.
I think its going to be crazy. I m sure many especially Europeans will be registering under .eu.
But what about Dutch and French people (You know what I m talking about right?). Do you think they will go for .eu name? I think they least those who wanna make money out of it. Who cares about constitution when it comes to money...
people are already registering them. I already tried for some domain names such as,, and no luck...
Price for those domains is not cheap compared to what we get these days for .com, etc. It's about $19.99/year on
Can't wait to see the buzz. Bye for now, coz' I need to join the band wagon and get some names for myself.


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