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Monday, January 09, 2006

Some Internet News

Just wanted to share with you with some news related to internet..

  • AOL buys video search engine called Turveo . Turveo uses "Visual Crawling", a web crawling technology to search wide variety of videos. Looks like all these big internet medias are going towards videos/media. Recently Google also started to offer some TV shows online. Yahoo is also moving towards Hollywood. Please read more about the acquisition at
  • Cybercafe users in southern India are being monitored for possible fraud, and other online threats such as spreading viruses, stealing credit card numbers.
  • "Google is expanding their video offering." Back to the video world again. Google as I mentioned earlier was trying to get into this online video offerings. Google has gone live with a video store where it will be selling thousands of downloads to the public.
  • Even which is recently acqired by The News Corp will be offering downloads of video clips.
  • Yahoo has started to offer free WIFI at Sheraton. Now the customers at the hotel can enjoy this service free. It will be offered in the guest rooms besides the lobby of the hotel.

That's it for now. I will be back discussing about Google and Yahoo. I will try to list down some of the companies each has acquired.


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