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Sunday, January 22, 2006

WebSites that don't suck!!!

Below is the list of some sites that I find interesting and useful. can browse hundreds of websites by various categories. This site can be very helpful for web designers to get an idea of designs. The site also has lots of resources for web design including web templates, stock photos. - This site is a platform where you can either posts some project, or you bid to take on projects. For instance, if you need a website to be done and you are looking for some good programmers, then this is the place to look for the programmers. - Feeling bored? Want to check out some videos? Check out this website where people share their videos. - It's a very nice travel site. It searches prices from more than one travel sites. You can an also download for free. Good feature about this is that even if you search for some fares on any other travel sites such as or, sidestep will also automatically search for you request on the side. - Yet another company bought by Google. Very easy to use software, and free to download. I find this software very helpful in organizing, editing sending (emailing) pictures. It's also easy to transfer pictures from your digital camera.


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