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Thursday, January 26, 2006

How about Another Search Engine?

Do you use the same search engine for all of your searches or do you use more than one? In my case, I use Google most of the time, and sometimes I use Yahoo. There were times when I used to use AltaVista, which is now part of Yahoo. I used to like Looksmart as well.

Anyways, I came across another search engine called "" Despite the presence of heavy players out there, Dumbfind plans to compete with them by offering more targeted searches. Dumbfind has two search boxes. The first box will display results for the actual word being searched, and the second box is supposed to shows related searches. runs on Linux, and uses tags. Tag explains about the website or a page.
I also gave it a try, and I was not really impressed with its result. I didn't get relevant searches for my requested queries.

Since this is still in beta phase, I guess it will be better in the coming days.


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