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Monday, October 09, 2006

Google buying Youtube??

Yes...for $1.65 Billion.
Deals to close by the end of the year.
More details to follow.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Get your Right is there to help you.

"We Match Jeans To You."---Yes, thats what Zafu does. is a nice website where it gives you an idea on the type of Jeans to buy upon answering some questions. Do the following and you will get the right type of jeans :

i)Select the Waist Fit
ii)Select the Waist Gape
iii)Select the Waist Shape
iv)Select the seat
v)Select the thigh
vi)Select the Stats
vii)Select the Wishlist
viii)Select Rise

Its very easy to go through all those steps and each step is provided with visuals.
It also takes your age, height, show size into consideration.

After you are all done then it will suggest you the jeans with price. Oh by the way you will be able to select the brand names as well during selection criteria.

You can even save your results by creating an account.

Zafu has done about 5 years of research to make this happen. "We have drawn on five years of fit research and algorithm development from our sister company Archetype and then measured, assessed and photographed thousands of women trying on hundreds of pairs of different jeans."

One more thing--this site is for ladies Jeans....

So ladies if you are confused about selecting the right type of jeans then you might wanna take a look at

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Adult movie under Children's Category??

You must have heard of a comparison site called "Nextag." They boast around 11 million visitors a month, which is impressive.

The other day I was checking my yahoo email and I saw a Nextag advertisement. I usually do not click on ads but I just clicked on that Nextag ad not that I have never heard of Nextag. I just wanted to see how Nextag was handling mortgage stuff.

Long story short--While I was on I also browsed for some movies for my daughter. And guess what kind of movie I found..I found an adult movie under Children category. Is that a mistake on Nextag's side?

Click here and you will see what I m talking about.

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