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Monday, January 30, 2006

Where to buy cheap domain names?

It's an easy question. Is it really? I decided to write this because just few days ago one of my friends bought a domain name for $34/year. And when I told him about cheaper deals, he was shocked. So how would you decide yourself when it comes to getting a domain name? There was time when I spent $35/year for a domain name. That was when there were no other registrars. It was with Network Solutions. I had to pay for two years at a time.

Tables have turned now. You can now even get domain names for as low as $1.99 at, or $2.99 at Yahoo . But these deals that I just mentioned are for new customer. So it would be better to get more than one domain at once to get that deal. otherwise will charge $8.95/year.

I like the price at also. They are currently offering $2.95/year for a domain name. But I think the price is still better at Yahoo if you want to register the domain name for more than 2 years. Because Ipowerweb charges more if you want to register for more than 2 years.

There are many more places where you can buy them. Even you will see some banner ads on this website for domain names with low prices. Following is the list of some cheap domain registrars for under $10:

Some things to note before buying a domain name

  • Make sure that the special they are running is really true, because like I mentioned above some of the deals are valid only for new customers or if you get non domain products
  • Make sure that they have good domain management system, which allows you to park your domain names for free even if your website is not ready yet. I like Yahoo becuase it lets me forward my domain to any other domains for free. I guess other registrars might have the same feature.
  • Most of the time such low deals apply to common extensions such as ".com", ".org", or ".net." So make sure that to look for deals for other extensions also (if you are looking for such)

Hope this will help even if it is going to be a small investment.


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