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Friday, February 10, 2006 It Survive?

Yet another area Donald Trump is into. That's "TRAVEL"!!! is an online Travel site powered by Mr Trump promises to offer lowest airfare, hotel bargains, and his tips on vacation, but I didn't find anything special about that site.

The fares are not the lowest. Since its powered by, the rates also seems to appear the same when you search directly on Travelocity. I guess its the name he is taking advantage of. I m sure fans of Mr Trump is going to use his site.

Donald Trump also claims that the site has seen quite a good response from visitors, but some of the independent researchers doubt that. I checked the stat on and the traffic rank was 73,608 . Actually not bad but not good enough to compete with big guys such as, or

Travelocity however is in good position. It doesn't possess any threat to them but will help gain business to Travelocity. I guess a little extra income for Travelocity.

So lets see how well it will adjust to the Travel Industry. I m sure it will be advertised heavily on his show "The Apprentice."


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