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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Blogging from Iraq or from a Taxicab?

No doubt that blogging has spread like a wild fire. Many are getting into this band wagon. Most of them are in for the money, and some even don't know that they could cash in some $$.

I have seen some popular blogs without any ads. I mean blogs with extensive readership. I wonder to myself, whey in the world aren't they putting any ads?

So my question to you is --Do you prefer to blog from Iraq or from a Taxi cab? Most of you might think that you would prefer to blog from a Taxi Cab, but do you have/own a Taxi?

Two different individual with two different backgrounds does exactly the same thing. "Same thing" meaning that they both blog, but Michael Yon went to Iraq and started to blogg on his site . He spent time with combat soldiers and reported from the frontlines in Iraq on his website. I was amazed to see the postings/reports he did from the war zone including pictures. Its not a simple task. He even declined advertisements for his blog, but at the same time he was facing budget problem. However through Paypal donation, he got help from several readers with which he bought new camera, other equipments such as body armor, and even hired some assistants to help him cover from the war zone. See it for yourself by visiting his site at

Another blogger, but this time a writer/copy editor turned Taxi driver. Melissa Plaut, on her blog writes about her experiences as a cab driver. She shares about her life as a cab driver in New York city. Its also a tough job given her 12 hours night shift where any stranger can hop into her cab. She shares some interesting stories on her blog, including picking up a pornstar, Hare Krishna devotee.

So now which one would you prefer?


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