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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Thai Music is entering into Japanese Market

Japan is one of the few Asian countries that have had many Western bands/artists perform. Even bands like Scorpions (from Germany), Deep Purple have toured Japan in 70s, and 80s. No doubt that Japan is one of the best destination in terms of fans and of course money.

What makes Japan attract such Western/American bands/artists to perform in the land of rising sun? Answer is very simple. Japan is one of the richest economy in the world, and it is profitable for the artists/bands to put on a show. Japanese audience very loyal, and is more exposed to Western cultures than any other Asians. Please note that "Sumo Wrestling" is not their National Sport, but is Baseball.

However, besides English music, Thai music is now entering the Japanese market. Thailand is pretty good in terms of music business. Music business in Thailand is flourishing. Well known Thai Pop star such as Tata Young have had huge success in Japan. As a matter of fact she is the top Thai artist to perform in Japan. She has even performed in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Its all due to digital music that can be downloaded over the internet. Digital music has been very popular in Japan. Japanese have to thank IPOD for such digital revolution. Digital Music is not expensive and allows artists reach a wider audience.

Thai musicians are in competition with their European, South Korean, American counterparts.


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