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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Super Bowl Ads On Internet

Is it really a good idea to have links for Super Bowl Ads on Internet?

Well can be good for the viewers, but I m not sure how that will affect the sponsors, and ABC . I m sure that large number of people watch Super Bowl just for those expensive ads, but sometimes you might miss those ads and hey now you can watch them online as well.

Yahoo is going to have links to such ads on their video page. According to Yahoo, there will be a delay on those ads, however portion of the ads should start before the end of the game.

Ads are being hosted on You can view last year's ads also including some banned ones. According to, they don't have any rights for those ads, but none of the sponsors have complained.

So my question is
  • Will this affect the sponsors?
  • Will this affect ABC?

I would assume that it might affect ABC more, because there is a large number of people who just want to watch the ads, but if it is available on the Internet then they might not spend too much time in watching them on TV thinking that they could see the same ads online, thus affecting the ratings for ABC.

But sponsors can get even larger reach for their commercials at no cost due to such website.

By the way there hasn't been decision on's ad for this years game even after their 14th submission. However Bob Parsons of Godaddy says that he will make the ad available on Godaddy. You can see the timeline of their ads being rejected by ABC.


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