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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Make a Website with Google.

Google is really expanding into lots of areas. Sometimes I think to myself that whether Google can sustain its popularity in the long run. When you dive into many areas then you might distant yourself from your main product/expertise.

Anyways, Google ( has introduced yet another tool that will help you make a website. It’s free and is in beta phase. I tried to test their product but was unable to do so due to heavy traffic, however you can enter your email address to be on their waiting list.

Another good thing is that you don't have to worry about hosting fee. Your site will be hosted on their server but you won't get the domain name you want. Your site address will look like But there is a way around. You can have your domain name forward/point to the site you have on Google. I haven't tried in this particular case, but I have successfully tried with my domain name "" When you type then it will get forwarded to this blogger account (

In any case, you can try this new feature from Google, and this is one another way to monetize you site by placing Google ads. I guess Google is trying to expand their reach in terms of Google Ads.


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