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Saturday, February 11, 2006

"In Germany, someone buys a bulldozer every three hours"

Wow!!! That’s impressive. I guess lots of construction going on in Germany. And guess what--it’s all happening online at Margaret C. Whitman, CEO of EBay addressed the European leaders concern by indicating that Europeans do indeed have Entrepreneurship. According to New York Times, Whitman presented the following facts:
  • more than 170,000 Europeans make their living on
  • 50 million Europeans use the site
  • Germans are buying bulldozer every three hours
  • Italians are selling and buying cars or bikes every 10 minutes
  • French are selling comic books on EBay every minute
  • British are auctioning Teddy bear every 2 minutes

I m still amazed that there is such a huge demand for bulldozers in Germany.


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