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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Michigan Teenager gets Prizes from Apple/Itunes

Here is what the teenager got from Itunes/Apple:
  • 20-inch iMac
  • 10 fifth generation iPods
  • $10 000 gift card for any items in the iTunes Music store
  • Scholarship in his name at the Julliard School of Music

Why did he get these reward?

Alex Ostrovsky, a 16 year old from Detroit was the one whose purchase of a song by ColdPlay was considered to be the one billionth download at

Itunes even thanks all its customers a billion times on its website.

I think his name should also be mentioned on the website.

Itunes have also faced some criticism in the past, especially by Downhill battle, a non-profit organization. Please take a look at my earlier post on that.


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