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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Which country leads in use of Personal Computers?

Whats your guess? Is it USA? Your guess is as right as mine. But its not Americans. As a matter of fact Americans are even behind Canadians.

According to an article on Newsfactor, it's the Dutch that lead in use of computers. According to the study presented by the Pew Charitable trusts, Holland has one of the lowest fee for broadband in Europe, and there is a tax break that reduces the price of a PC.

Survey was done in 17 countries, and here is the result according to the article :
  • "82 percent of Dutch residents said they used a computer at least occasionally at home or at work, and 72 percent used the Internet
  • In Canada, the numbers were 79 percent and 71 percent, respectively
  • 76 percent and 70 percent in the United States "

You can read more on the website and also see where Germany stands in the study, and can also find that 79% of Swedes own a computer.


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